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How Call in Studio Works / FAQ

How Do I Connect Call in Studio to ZOOM and Similar Services?

NOTE: This feature is new and in beta. If you experience problems, please report them to

UPDATE (April 2020): We now support Microsoft Teams (the instructions are the same, except enter your Conference ID rather than your Zoom meeting ID), as well as dialing out to a phone number with added dialing inputs (e.g., to dial a conference ID).

Call in Studio requires you to connect your show's audio via our Host Line. This can be accomplished with Zoom using our 'Make Outbound Call' feature which can be accessed after you start your show.

To start your show, go to 'My Shows' and then:

  • Click 'Host Show' [for the show you wish to host, if you have multiple shows]
  • [confirm/select show settings] and click 'Save & Start Show'
  • Click on 'Make Outbound Call'

After you you click 'Make Outbound Call', the page will prompt you how to connect:

  • Select 'Zoom Meeting' or 'MS Teams' from the 'Connect To' dropdown.
  • Enter your with your Meeting or Room ID (usually a 9- or 10-digit numbers) where prompted.
  • For Zoom Meetings, if your meeting requires a password, enter that where prompted.
  • Click the 'Call' button.

Note: You may also dial any phone number that requires dialing extensions or conference IDs by selecting 'Phone Number' from the 'Connect To' dropdown. Standard dialing format applies where commans (',)' are pauses and speical digits ('*#') are supported, e.g., 8185551212,,1234#,,123456.

Call in Studio will then attempt to connect to Zoom/your selected service/phone call. The connection process can take between 10 and 30 seconds. You will see your host call on the call console. Within Zoom, you will see a phone connection from the caller ID of your show's call-in number. You'll want to make sure this connection is always unmuted within Zoom.

This is a new feature and still in beta testing. We are releasing this feature now in order to accommodate as many customers as possible during COVID-19 quarantine conditions. If you need further assistance have want to report any problems, please call or write to support.

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