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What is Mix-Minus, and Does My Mixer Board Support It (Or: Is there a Mix-Minus Software Solution)?

Mix-Minus means sending a mix of your show/meeting's audio to a second output channel (in this case, the one connected to the phone call dialing into Call In Studio's host line), MINUS the input of one particular channel (in this case, the channel connect your phone call to Call in Studio host line). This way, callers do not hear themselves, but they hear everything else in your mix (microphone(s) and any other audio inputs you have plugged into your mixer board).

Check your mixer's manual for help configuring mix-minus, or perform a Google Search for your mixer's name and/or model number, plus the phrase "mix-minus."

Some mixing boards are designed to automatically connect to a phone via a wired or bluetooth connection, and do the mix-minus for you. The Rodecaster Pro and Zoom L8 mixers are popular options (if you purchase through these links, we earn a commission on the sale, though doing so is not required).

Mix-minus can also be accomplished with software on a single machine. Virtual Audio Cables is a popular software solution on Windows, and the Mac has similar types of software (e.g., Soundflower) that allow you to route audio in myriad ways, such as with Skype. In most cases, these software solutions can introduce unwanted latency in your audio mix, which can make it more difficult to communicate with callers, and we highly recommend finding a solution that avoids such audio latency.

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