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Raise/Lower Hand for Callers and Guests on Hold

Callers and guests may 'raise' or 'lower' their hand by dialing '*1' on their phone. The caller will hear a prompt, "you have raised/lowered your hand," and then their default hold audio will continue playing.

A hand icon will appear on that call's call row next to the note icon. You can click on the hand icon to lower that caller's hand (they will not be notified the hand has been lowered).

If a caller with a raised hand is moved into a screening room or the Host Room, the hand will be automatically lowered.

This feature can be useful for long meetings where a caller who has been queued to the Host Queue would like to request to speak to the screener again by 'raising' their hand.

This functionality is not reveal to callers, so you will need to announce to your listeners if you wish to inform them of this ability. You may also customize your show/meeting's phone prompts to include this instruction, if you so desire.

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