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How Does It Work?

Call in StudioWhether you want to take calls for your podcast, a live Internet show or terrestrial radio broadcast, or just record to audio a file to later share with listeners, Call in Studio allows you take calls in a call-in talk show format just like a traditional radio station would — without having to invest in expensive equipment (such as Telos equipment and software) and lease banks of phone lines. Call in Studio puts all this in the cloud and allow you to manage calls through a simple Web interface.

Our service connects to your show in two ways: first, for audio routing, you must connect a single phone call to your recording or broadcasting setup. Many of our customers do use Skype or Google Voice to dial into our host line, though any means you have of doing this will work. Second, you control the calls through our Web interface by logging into your account and starting your show within our service.

How Do You Connect to the Host Line?

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