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How Call in Studio Works / FAQ

How Do You Connect to the Host Line?

The most difficult aspect of setting up Call in Studio is connecting a single phone call to your setup. You must connect your show's audio to our Host Line via a phone call in order hear and talk to callers, and then log into our website to manage the calls within the Call in Studio web interface.

We do not broadcast your show, we manage the call-in portion of producing a show. This means you can broadcast using any means of broadcasting you like, such as through tradition radio (you provide the radio station), via online streaming provider of your choice (e.g., YouTube Live, Spreaker, Facebook Live, etc.), or simply recording your show to an audio file to publisher later (e.g., podcasting).

Many of our custors dial into our Host Line using Skype or Google Voice, though any means of connecting a single call to your setup will work.

The most successful implementations involve using a small mixer board where their microphone(s) are connected into, with an additional audio line connected via a mix-minus configuration to a second computer or telephone that dials into our host line. The mixer board is often connection to a main computer that is broadcasting and/or recording their show.

If you need assistance setting up your show, please contact our support line or email and we will do our best to assist you with your setup.

How Does It Work?

Where's the Tutorial For Setting Up the Audio for My Show?