Call in Studio

How Call in Studio Works / FAQ

Why Do I Need a Custom Call-In Number?

Each show must be assigned at least one custom phone number in order to receive calls from listeners. One number can accept multiple, simultaneous calls, according to the limits you set in your show's settings. This is your phone number assigned specifically to your show, so callers are directly connected to your show when they call (so there is no need for callers to bother with PIN codes).

When your show is offline and you are not accepting calls, you can optionally select to take voicemails for your show. To configure this, go to My Shows and click on your show and view the options under 'Offline Action.' The default is set to ‘Busy Signal' which means callers will hear a busy signal if they try to call your show's phone number and your show is offline (busy signals are free; for a full discussion of pricing see our Pricing page).

If you want to accept voicemails, you can change this value to 'Record Voicemail' and callers can record a message which you can access under your show's configuration page under My Shows, click on your show, select the 'VMs' option to view/listen/delete voicemails.

You can purchase and assign multiple call-in numbers for one show. Click here to read more.

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