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Can I Block or Limit Certain Callers?

Yes. Under the show configuration page (go to My Shows and click on your show) select the 'Blocked Callers' tab and follow the instructions on the page.

You have the option to block specific callers by phone number (for a specified length of time), block callers that do not report a caller ID number.

We also offer the option to limit each individual caller from calling into your show more than a specified number of times over a specified time period (e.g., limit each caller to connecting 1x/day, 3x/month, etc).

You can also block numbers from while managing your show. There is a link to 'Ban Caller' for each caller, which will hang up on the caller and add that number to your banned list.

Callers blocked by this feature will hear a busy signal when trying to call, leaving the lines open for other callers

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